[GLE] Cooks Collegium

Cooks Collegium is a 1-Day event in North Little Rock, AR on Saturday, August 18, hosted by The Barony of Small Gray Bear.

It is being held at the Main Campus of Pulaski Technical College, home of the Arkansas Culinary School (an ACFEF accredited culinary school.)

The focus of the event is food and cooking, stewarding and serving, and a lot of things in between.  The hands-on classes will prepare the food for the feast.

The event is $15 and includes feast. There is no off-board price, because the cost includes the supplies for the classes.  Consequently, there will be no materials fees for the classes.

Event Steward: Signore Giacomo Fornerigo, OJR
Email: b_ginocchio@yahoo.com

Reservationist: Lady Myra of the Glean
Email: ang___@hotmail.com

Class Coordinator: Baroness Eithne Raud
Email: eithneraud@gmail.com