[WES] Ducal Prize

Ducal Prize is an event jointly sponsored by the West Kingdom and KHTI, with the profits to go toward the purchase of a permanent tourney site for the West Kingdom. Since this is a jointly sponsored event be prepared to sign an event-specific waiver.

We will kick off the festivities on Friday evening with an All-Special-Request Bardic, beginning after dinner. Saturday and Sunday will be filled with merriment, competitions, auctions, and the world famous Ducal Garage Sale. Finally, on Monday morning we will wrap up with the wrestling competitions.

Competitions scheduled for this year include:
   --Heavy fighting (Sword & Shield, Barroom Brawl, Cat's Cradle Melee, Superhero, Lava Fight, and Pandybat);
   --Rapier (Single Sword, Tipped Cup, Lava Fight, Zombie Melee, Daisy Tourney, and Street Fight);
   --Archery (Eagle Shoot, Wand Shoot, Bug Shoot, and Ring Shoot);
   --Games (Hunkerhauser, Water Balloon Toss, Amazing Race, Drag Races [family friendly, please!], Stick Horse Races, Bucket Brigade, and Three-Legged Race);
   --Bardic (Filk - By The Numbers, Original Work in a Period Style, Period Piece Performance [5 minute limit]); and
   --Culture (Shady Hats, Ceremony Re-dux, Adaptation of a modern item for SCA use)

For more information on these competitions please check out the event website.

For your shopping pleasure, there will be two evening auctions - perishibles (food, cordials, and such) will be auctioned on Saturday evening and the Grand Auction will take place on Sunday evening. As always we need stuff -- your stuff, my stuff, everybody's stuff! Donations to use as competition prizes, to fuel the Monster Auctions, and to sell at the garage sale. We can't hold a three hour auction for your listening and shopping pleasure if we don't have your items to sell back to you, can we now? Remember, services as well as items make great auction donations. Dinners and such-like have been some of our most successful offerings! If you have any questions about whether a particular item would make a good donation, please contact the Event Autocrat! There are drop off locations for donations in both the Mists and Cynagua - please see the event website for further information.

Site Fee: $10, and you will receive five raffle tickets.

Directions: (From the North, South, and East) Take your best route along I-5 to Woodland, California. Exit at Main Street/Downtown Woodland and turn left onto E Main Street. ** Proceed down Main Street until the intersection with East Street. Turn left onto East Street and continue for about 1/2 mile until you reach Gum Avenue. Turn left onto Gum Avenue and then turn right at the large blue and white sign for the Yolo County Fair.

From the West (Bay Area): Take I-80 East toward Davis. Exit Hwy 113 N Yuba City and proceed for about 7 miles. Take the Main Street/Downtown Woodland exit and turn left at the light onto E Main Street. Follow from ** above.