[DRA] Medieval Days on Hagnan

This is an invitation to those of you who will be traveling to the far north this summer for the Medeltidsgagar held in the Shire of Frostheim (Luleå Sweden) the 11th to 14th of July, 2012. Please consider entering our Arts & Sciences display/competition.

This event is both an SCA event and a huge demo to the public, therefore we have set up the A&S contest to showcase the beautiful things we do to the public, and the public will be voting on their favourite items in each category . Why? Because if they have to vote they might actually *look* at the items on display.

The three categories for the competition (please enter one item in each if you can!) are:

* Open (open to any completed projects you wish to enter that have never one another contest elsewhere)

* Previous Winners (open to any completed projects you may have which have won a contest at some other event)

* Works in Progress (open to any projects you may have in progress)

Because this is a display for the public all entries will need to fill in an entry form, which will also be on display. These forms ask you to tell the public what your item is, what it is made of, and with what technique, what time/place the item is appropriate for, etc. We are looking for very short answers to each question.  It would be very helpful if everyone would download the forms and fill them out in advance of the event, print them, and bring them along with your entry.  If you don't it will be necessary to do it by hand on paper on site, and I strongly suspect it will be easier for the visitors to read the labels if they are typed.  The forms are available here:


They are in Swedish, since it is expected that most of the visitors will be Swedish speaking.  If anyone would like to see a version of the form in English so that they are certain what each question is let me know and I will email you a copy (but please fill in the Swedish version).  Many thanks to Therese for her help in the translations!

Note that because we ask short documentation-like questions on the form we do not require additional documentation for entry to the contest. However, if you have documentation or other information you wish to include with your entry you are welcome to do so--some visitors may be interested in seeing things like photos of the original which inspired your project, or a bibliography, or...

In addition to the public voting there will also be a panel who will look closely at the items in the Open competition and select an additional winner for that contest based more on technical skill and craftmanship than "bling" (since we expect that "bling" is what the public will be voting for).  If you are willing to serve on this panel please let me know.  While serving on this panel would mean you couldn't enter the Open contest, you would still be strongly encouraged to enter the Previous Winners and/or Works in Progress contests.

--Kareina, who somehow found herself responsible for this small section of the event.