Vivant to Barons Giles and Giuseppe

On a beautiful day in June, the Barony of Gyldenholt and the Kingdom of Caid made history: Giles Hill and Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia became the SCA’s first same-gender Coronets. Lord Etienne Le Mons offers his opinion on what this means for the Society at large.

Lord Etienne writes:

Through this singular act, the SCA continues to prove that it is not only the ‘Middle Ages as they should have been’, but a model of acceptance and diversity for the modern world as well.

In North Carolina, several of us were watching the events in Caid with elation and joy. Here, anti-discrimination efforts had recently suffered a set back by the passage of Amendment One. While the acceptance of the same-gender Barons is a small step in the overall picture of anti-discrimination, it is a huge step for the SCA and serves as an example to others. If an organization with a decidedly medieval perspective can move to accept same-gender couples as equals in their Society, why can’t modern world believe in equality as well? The truth is that many individuals in the Society have been outcasts or faced discrimination in one form or another. This makes the Society as a whole a much more accepting place than the rest of the world, and that is something to be proud of and promote.

Barons Giles and Giuseppe have worked well under the microscope that has been aimed at them and continue to serve Their Barony with honor and courtesy. They are welcoming to newcomers, strangers, peers, crowns and any other gentle that comes before them. They work tirelessly to help the lands entrusted to them to succeed, grow and thrive. Whether or not they realize it, they have become role models for a new generation of SCAdians that are working their way through the ranks and are living proof that situations continue to change in a positive way. At the October 15, 2011, meeting of the Board of Directors where they approved the installation of Masters Giles and Giuseppe as Barons-elect, Director Tim Jennings (Master Garraed Galbraith) commented that, “this will change the game.” The Barons have now been invested and the game has indeed changed – for the better.

photos of their investiture

I didn't have any way to post about this so was hoping someone would do so.  My lord husband and I took the occasion of this event to return to Caid for a visit.  It was a wonderful day and I have many photos to share:

Glydenholt Anniversary and Baronial Investiture.