Polderslot Byzantine Pentathlon

In these cold seasons, when the fruits have departed the trees, the leaves are falling and the weather is declining, the sunny days are longing in the back of our minds, and thus, the shire of Polderslot is proud to host the Polderslot Pentathlon. An event where we will entertain ourselves with byzantine games and sports, and pretend the weather is gorgeous, the sun is shining and warmth is radiating from the sky.

The event will be held in 'de Patrijs' in Evertsoord. This is close to the German border near Venlo. (see directions). The event will take place from the 1st of October (19:00) till the 3rd, (12:00). We will do some simple indoor crafts as well as indoor games like rithmomania, byzantine chess, and Senet. Plus the added bonus of a dance class to prepare you for the evening dancing (yes even those with 2 left feet can learn),.with a little dancing in the evening.

Reservations can/must/should/ be made at http://www.bertrick.nl/pentathlon.html. Please include dietary restrictions with your reservations (or in the comment box in the form). If you have specific questions, do not hesitate to contact the autocrats.

Event costs:
30 EUR for the weekend, including breakfast and feast.
25 EUR if you only stay one night, (Includes feast).
20 EUR for a day trip with feast.
NOTE: The site proveds bed for up to 100. But to use them, you must bring your own sheets, pillowcovers etc.

Child under the age of 4 is free.
Children aged 4 -12 are half price.

Payments to VCA, shire of Polderslot, Giro 1217641, Arnhem. Guests from abroad can pay at the door.

de Patrijs
Paterstraat 15

Coming from the south, east or west: Find your best way to the motorway A67 from Venlo to Eindhoven. Take exit 38. Follow direction Venray/IJsselsteyn (N277) Follow this for approx 3.8 Km, when you reach the crossing towards Evertsoord to the left, Sevenum to the right (waterstraat). Go towards Evertsoord for about 800 meters, and the Patrijs is on your righthandside.

Directions from the NORTH:
Find your best route to the A73 (Nijmegen to Venlo). Take exit 9. and follow the N270 for 8 km towards Helmond. At the Roundebout intersection with the 277, go towards IJsselsteyn and follow this road for 12 km. You will now reach the crossing Evertsoord to the right, Sevenum to the left (waterstraat). Go towards Evertsoord for about 800 meters, and the Patrijs is on your righthandside.

Reservations preferably to be made the above mentioned website, or by contacting the autocrats at:
Master Bertrik van Triecht
Bart Orbons

Robert Anteau

ps. Knowing the Dutch weather, no guarantees on any weather condition can be given. The only guarantee we can give is that we will have weather.