[WES] Palatine Barony of the Far West Coronet

It's that time of year to once again start preparing for the fall coronet. The dates have been approved locally and assume that we will have no issues getting them approved by kingdom.

The official dates will be 28-30, 2012 September to be held in Okinawa, Japan, once again at the White Beach Naval Facility.  We ask that those flying from out of the Pacific, its probably best to try to arrive on thursday, the 27th.  For those coming from the Far West, transportation from the airport to the site will occur on the the 28th or sooner.  There will be no available transportation on Saturday 29th, so a rental car may need to be gotten.

The official theme for this year will be The King's/Baron's Sunken Treasure.  The coronet this fall is the A&S (Arts and Sciences) coronet.  On order to enter each contestant will be requred to submit 5 items each in different categories.  In accordance with the theme of the event there will also be a single A&S items based on something that would/could be found in sunken treasure, ie. game board, jewelry, ceramics. Anything that would survive under water for a while.  The single item will be winner will be decided by Their excellency after Feast.

There will also be a Bardic competition. Each contestant will be required to submit a piece, poetry, performance, or song with a theme of the kings/barons' sunken treasure in mind.  I look forward to seeing the creativety of the Populace.

AutoCrat: Lord Otto Spilman
email: scabattlerock@gmail.com