Light Armour Jousting in Ealdormere

Anne von Talstadt, Baroness of Ben Dunfirth, reports on the recent competition at the Canadian Light Armour Jousting Championship in Moffat, Ontario.

The Canadian Light Armour Jousting Championship was run this past weekend, at the "Buck out Cancer" charity in Moffat, Ontario. I autocratted the jousting part of the event, and consider it a resounding success, but it wouldn't have been so successful without the support of members of the SCA.

Light armour jousting is a style that uses pre-renaissance armour, massively heavy shields and 10 foot lances, made of laminated wood for strength. A match is 4 passes down the list, and targeting on the 12 inch target area of the shield is a real challenge from a moving object at a moving object. The entire force of the blow is channelled into the jouster's hand and arm. This tournament was 48 passes (12 matches of 4 passes each) per competitor over a single day - something they usually don't quite reach even over 3 day international tournaments. They were pretty tired near the end! It must have been a much harder hitting tournament than usual, as we broke 4 of the jouster's solid wood lances, 3 shields, and had two tip-to-tip lance shots. The last Dragon's Lair tournament in London, to my knowledge, broke one lance and one shield. Rob Combe, an Ontario-based jouster, was the victor, but our own Baron Alistair Kirk placed a respectable fourth in Canada.

Though this was not an SCA function, I would like to publicly thank a few of our folk who made it better... Sir Micheal of Northwoods (Micheal Carroll) and Micah Nelson, (who's SCA name I don't know) - avid jousting spectators until this tournament, they came up from Aethelmearc to work HARD all day, and then bought lances so that they might compete next time. Constance the Curious (Michelle Wotton) - a fine judge who drove down from North Bay to help out a friend. Charlie Sheppard (Who's SCA name I've forgotten) Also from North Bay, he ran scores from judge to scorekeeper, as we had no radios. I have judged several jousting tournaments, and I can honestly say the score-runners got the scores to the scorekeeper faster than the radio does.

And from Our own beloved Ben Dunfirth:

Alexander Gladstone - for his work setting up the list and tearing down. He is also an awesome photographer, and took 3 gig of digital photos prior to the final joust.

Allais la Tetu (Cheryl Alleyne) - who assisted with setup, ran the list order, and was at our beck and call all weekend.

Jaqueline, Ben Dunfirth Herald - for heralding a sport she was completely new to, and helping me without reservation.

Mario of Ben Dunfirth - for his contribution as groundcrew, setup, teardown and enthusiasm!

And thanks also to the Barony of Ben Dunfirth for loaning us the banners that made the spectacle a little more spectacular.

I hope that our work allowed the Cancer Charity to earn that much more money for the Cancer Centre in Hamilton and that we may be doing this again next year....

Anne von Talstadt, Baroness of Ben Dunfirth

"and then bought lances..."

"and then bought lances so that they might compete next time." Anyone know where these lances can be bought? I'd be interested in seeing how they do them. Hanover