[MER] Summer Collegia VII

The Shire of Drakenmere invites you to Summer Collegia VII: Machen und Treffen, August 13, 2012, to be held at St. Michael's Episcopal Church, 515 S. Liberty Street, Waynesboro GA, 30830

Come join our shire for a high summer tradition of learning! This year, we offer a day full of hands-on complete projects. A full description of all classes offered can be found on the Class Page. The day will also include heavy and rapier fighting, plus a light and tasty feast with evening entertainment.

Event Fees for this event are as follows:
$18 per adult for event + feast
$6 per child (under 13) for event + feast
Off board (no feast): Subtract $5

**If you are attending with minors that are not your children, please be sure to bring 2 copies of the minor waiver (leave one with the child's parent or guardian). No child who is attending without his/her parent will be allowed to remain on site without the proper waiver and a responsible adult party.

This event will be held at St. Micheals Episcapol Church in Waynesboro, Georgia.

Take your best route to Hwy. 25 (Business, not bypass) in Waynesboro GA. The church is north of the medical center on US 25 and south of the town square. St. Michael's is a large white church located adjacent to the city park Patrons can park near the church and around the park

Troll will be in the Fellowship Hall, which can be entered through the front courtyard - Signs will be posted

Mistress Derbail inghean Conchobar

Baroness Cathlin Sommerfield

Co- Feastcrats :
Lady Theodastria Loukianis
Milady Tatiana MacGreoghair

Please send your reservations to:

Mistress Derbail inghean Conchobar

All adult non-members must pay a $5 non-member surcharge.

Parking is free.

Make checks payable to SCA Inc./The Shire of Drakenmere.