[ATL] Last Chance Authorization Day

Back by popular demand, Highland Foorde will be hosting a "Last Chance Authorization" day in Highland Foorde just before Pennsic, on July 22nd - A Sunday.

We did this last year (And even with some 'real life' intruding and messing it up), It got great reviews, so we are going to do it again.

On July 22, 2012, at the National Guard Armory in Frederick, MD, we will host a "Last Chance Authorization Day" in Highland Foorde.  Come one come all, from 2pm - 5pm we will run authorizations (and practice) for all who attend.

We have permission at the moment to host Heavy & Rapier authorizations.

We have Heavy & Rapier Marshals, plus multiple MOLs signed up to make this happen.

And at 5pm we will fire up the grill that's on site, and grill up whatever you wish to bring for dinner.

2 favors I will ask:

1) If you are planning on authorizing, I'd love if you reached out to me to tell me your group, and the forms you want to authorize in, so I can hopefully make sure we have marshals to cover you.

2) If you are a marshal and would be willing to show up to help, please let me know, and know that we will feed you in exchange.

8501 Old National Pike, Frederick, MD 21701