[OUT] Drygestan SCA Village & Fall Melee

The Shire of Drygestan welcomes Outlanders near and far and thanks the populace for their
help in past years.

If you have any questions about the Renaissance Fair, the SCA's involvement in it (both in the planning and the participation), or the non-profit that will be benefiting from the Fair, please seek out Lord Rowland (e-mail: rowlandtheknave@...). Without support from the Outlands (and,
especially al-Barran), this event would not be a success. The Shire thanks all those groups who have helped in the past and we look forward to ongoing collaborations.

Some of the activities scheduled for the SCA Village include rapier and armored combatant tourneys (coordinated by Mistress Maimuna and Lord Decimus, respectively), a demonstration Medieval Kitchen (with a Saturday evening feast prepared by Mistress Theresa and her band of merry chefs), and an A&S tent with in-progress projects, displays of finished works, scribal demonstrations, and a people's choice prize for best project.

Saturday's tourneys will have a dose of audience participation: each fighter will choose an audience member for whom to fight in honor.

The Shire will be reviving the fighting traditions of May Day Melees, only on a crisp, cool (our hopes that Mother Nature agrees) September day! On Sunday, bring your team of 3 to fight in a grand melee.

The presence of the armored combatants is also requested in the afternoon of each day, to do battle with the youth of the Kingdom, in the grand "Fight a Knight" challenge.

This Renaissance Fair is a bit different from other Renaissance Fairs across the country, because it has a Spanish Renaissance theme (instead of Queen Elizabeth, we have Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand). Also, unlike other Renaissance Fairs (which are for-profit ventures), this Renaissance Fair is a fundraising event for alocal non-profit (El Rancho de las Golondrinas), to ensure that there are funds available for their non-profit work of educating the general public about the Spanish colonial history and life in New Mexico. This Renaissance Fair is held in conjunction with the Santa Fe Fiestas.


If you are planning on coming to the Fair during Fair-hours, there is no admission charge at the Golondrinas gate *if* you have a valid blue card (please show it to the gate-keepers). If you do not have a valid blue card and come to the Fair during Fair-hours, the daily admission fee to the Fair at the gate will be applied.

The SCA Village will be available for set-up beginning at noon on Friday (9/21). Tear-down needs to be completed by noon on Monday (9/24). All set-up and tear-down needs to be done when the Fair is not open to the public. Las Golondrinas is closed on Monday, so it isn't a problem to break down on that day.

Mundane tents are allowed, but need to be in the second row of tentage (behind the first row of canvas tents).

SCA merchants are encouraged to sell their wares in the SCA Village; provide your own shade. The Fair asks that if you are selling wares, you have the ability to demonstrate your arts or science (maybe have a shoe in the process, so folks can see how they are put together, or that visitors have the opportunity to make a tassel).

Fighters, bring your blue and green cards to present to the list-mistress for entrance into the tourneys.

If you are partaking in Drygestan's culinary hospitality (coordinated by Mistress Theresa) at the Saturday evening meal, bring your feast gear.

We are sharing this site with the general public, so keep an eye on your valuables while in the SCA Village during the Fair hours.

This year, we did not procure equestrian insurance, so do not bring your horses.

El Rancho de las Golondrinas is a working farm; do not bring your pets from home.

If you are able to help with heralding during tournaments (explaining what happens on the field to the general public) or marshaling a tournament, seek out our combat coordinators, Lord Decimus and Mistress Maimuna to help.

This year, in the SCA Village, we will have armored and rapier combat tourneys, archery shoots, arts and sciences demonstrations, a Medieval Kitchen (which will provide us our meal for Saturday night), and other activities.