Nominees sought for SCA Ltd. Board

Master Kilic ibn Sungur ibn al-Kazganci al-Turhani, Chairman of the SCA Ltd. (Australia), has announced that the SCA Ltd Board has a need to fill three Board vacancies.

Master Kilic writes:

SCA Ltd Board Vacancies

There are 3 board vacancies currently.

Recently the following board members resigned

  • Karen Hovenga/Baroness Sara Van De Hove
  • Andrew Ross-Gowan/ Master Gilchrist Morgan
  • Tina Bean/ Viscountess Cairistiona nic Bheathain

The Board would like to thank all 3 for their service to the Board and wish them the best of luck in their post board SCA Life.

The board is now looking for 3 people to fill these positions. With these members stepping down there will be no members from NSW, SA or Tasmania on the Board.  In addition, due to currently having 3 members in Queensland, applications from members in that state can not be accepted at this time as per the recent change to the Constitution of the SCA Ltd which limits board representation to a maximum of 2 members from any state.

Applications should be in writing and sent to Carolyn Fraser Secretary of the Board at Included in this application should be a brief resume of you SCA life and what skills you can bring to the Board.

Nominations should be received no later than 1st September, 2012.


Steven Baker (Master Kilic ibn Sungur ibn al-Kazganci al-Turhani)
Chairman - SCA Ltd