[ANT] Game of Thrones and Stormgods

Once more the Barony of Stromgard invites all to play the Game of Thrones and Stormgods July 27-29, 2012 near Woodland, WA.

On Friday evening, before battle is joined and blood is shed, a gathering will celebrate the Barons' Birthday Bash -commemorating Barons past and present- with drink, food and revelry.

Saturday, contenders for Stromgard's martial championships - in heavy fighting, fence and equestrian - will compete.

Tiernan's Game of Thrones will also be on Saturday. Victors will be well rewarded, while ravens already gather to feast on the fallen.

Those wishing to enter the champions' tournaments must present themselves to Baroness Miranda and Baron Tiernan during the morning court before the tournaments commence.

There will be other activities on Saturday including archery, thrown weapons and arts and sciences.  Also Equestrian activities through out the weekend.

With blood cooled from battle we will again join in a night of adult-only fun with the "Race for the Hoard." Everyone needs a prize to enter the race.

Site: Zumstein Family Farm, 41316 NE 12th Ave. Woodland, WA 98674.

Site opens Friday, noon, closes 1pm on Sunday.

Site fees: Adults $15.00,
Children 10-17 $8.00, Day fee $10.00, Family Cap $40.00 (+$5 NMS for adults). Make checks payable to SCA, Inc.- Barony of Stromgard.

Event Steward: Justin de Leon