Raiders, Invaders and Privateers

Avast ye mateys. Arrr ye ready for an event to behold? With swords aflashin' in the summer sun activites both marshall and peaceful will abound. Be ye a Raider with the weight of rattan to your liking? Then the Viking style tournament run by his Highness, Count Sir Rurik Longsword is sure to satisfy your thirst for warfare and weaponry. Arrr ye an Invader? Targets are sure to run amuck when the archers of Aethelmearc take aim in an archery tournament designed and run by Master Gwilym O'r Afonydd Tair and his students and this also be the place of the central region Summer Archery Musted hosted by the Scarlet Guard. Orrr be ye a Privateer with yer taste for the fencing foil? Then try yer skill within the swashbuckling list run by Master Michael Alewright. Lord Aidan will be offering Thrown Weapons activities to give ye a chance to warm up yer throwin' arm. Consider what a great chance this event will offer ye to hone yer skills before War's pending battles! And if ye be more inclined to the peaceful type arts, then the bardic competition run by Lord Morgan Caer Graeme will it's "sea shanty" theme is sure to please. An Arts and Sciences competition of objects that would have been created when idle time was about, (rather than plundering the high seas) will be run by Lady Rowan Blackthorne. Orr if ye more of a gamblin' sort, there be games of chance and treasure to loot. Children's activities, including a quest will be run throughout the day. Youth Combat will also take place if we can secure a Youth Marshall. Merchants are welcome and you can be assured that there will be no raiding of your wares. The feast by Lord Aeryck Blackhart (Troy Lamey, will not be offering sea rations but is sure to please with its "new world" offerings brought back by seafarers.

The Captain, err Autocrat for this event is her Ladyship Talisidhe of the Greenwood (Denise Ammon, . Fees for this exciting event will be $7.00 off-board and $14.00 on-board. Children 6-12 are half price and Teens 13-17 are $10.50 with a family cap of $42.00. And remember, if ye be not a member, the $3.00 non-membership fee will need to be added. Reservations for all this fun should be sent to the Quartermaster, Lord Thomas Le Strange (Thomas Butts, . Checks should be made out to SCA, Inc. - BMDL. The on-board reservation deadline is July 5th and troll will be closin' at 5:00pm. The event is being held at the RedStone Knitting Mill, 120 Factory Rd. Penncraft #1, East Millsboro, PA 15433. Site opens at 10am and closes at 10pm. Sorry, ye must not be aswillin' as the site is dry!

From the North: Take I-79 South to I-70 east. Go past Washington, PA and follow directions below.
From the East and West: Take your best Route to I-70. **Approximately 20 miles east of Washington, PA, take the exit for California, PA and get onto the MonValley Turnpike, Route 43 South (toll road - pay 75 cents) Travel approx. 3 miles and take the exit for Brownsville, Rt. 40 East. Travel on Rt.40 East across a large span bridge, continue straight and drive through the historic town of Brownsville going through 2 lights, then Rt. 40 becomes a 4 lane expressway which will abruptly end. Follow the ramp to the right, stay in the right hand lane (National City Bank is on your right). At the light, go straight and you will now be on Rt. 166 South. Follow this for approximately 4 miles (the road twist and turns through 2 deep hollows and 3 hills). After the 2nd hill you will go through the towns of Merritstown and Republic, then will go around a sharp right bend in the road (passing Pechin's Lumber Co. on your right). ***Continue on New Salem Rd. (up the 3rd hill) until you get to a Y-intersection, turn rightonto Penn-Craft Rd. and go approx. 1 mile. At the 1st street on your right, turn right onto Factory Rd. The site is a stone building about 100 yard down on the right. Park in the lot or where ever parking is designated.
From the South: Take US Rt. 119 North to Rt. 40 West (before Uniontown). Turn off the exit ramp onto Rt. 40 and get into the left hand lane. At the 2nd light, turn left onto New Salem Rd. Go approx. 5 miles to the first stop sign (National City Bank is on the right). Continue on New Salem Rd. for approx. 3 more miles to the 2nd stop sign at the intersection of Rt. 166 (Napa Auto Parts on your right) and follow from *** above.
From Pittsburgh: Take Rt. 51 South to Rt. I-70 and follow from ** above.