Newcomer classes at Pennsic 41

Lady Alison Wodehalle, East Kingdom Chatelaine, reports that the Kingdom will sponsor a series of classes targeted for newer SCA members at the upcoming Pennsic War.

Lady Alison writes:

The East Kingdom University is sponsoring a newcomer series of classes at Pennsic this year, which will NOT be published in the Pennsic class schedule. Please pass the information about these classes on to your email lists and to any interested newcomers who will be at Pennsic.

There are some fantastic classes and teachers, hope you will be able to make it to some of the classes!

In service,
~Lady Alison Wodehalle
East Kingdom Chatelaine

Pennsic Newcomers EKU Schedule

Last summer after Pennsic a rather enthusiastic discussion arose on the East Kingdom e-mail list about the need for more classes for newcomers at Pennsic. Because the role of the EKU is to support teaching and learning across the kingdom, we have decided to sponsor a few classes targeted towards newcomers and those who work with newcomers.

Please note that a member of the EKU staff will be on hand to greet people attending class sessions, so there is no need to be nervous about attending class in EK Royal. The fact that their majesties are allowing the EKU to hold classes in Their royal encampment shows how dedicated the kingdom is to making newcomers feel welcome.


Saturday, Aug. 4th
1-3: SCA 102

Monday, Aug. 6th
1-2: How to Reach Out to Newcomers
2-3: Arts and Sciences in the East Kingdom

Tuesday, Aug 7th
1-2: East Kingdom Royal Encampment: Behind the Scenes
2pm: Pennsic Newcomer's Scavenger Hunt

Descriptions of the classes are available on the website.