[ATL] Middle Atlantian Archery Day

The enemy is at the Tower gates and the King calls all archers to arms. Defend the Castle then track the enemy thru the woods, down the long path to their own Castle and make our attack! Along the way, you'll fight with bow, knives, axes and Atlatl.

Gather your archers from each Barony and Canton and join the fight, from North and South of our great Kingdom! Calling all archers across the Kingdom to join in! This will truly be a test of all your skills! Shoot from an actual 40' tower, practice on period target pells, and shoot at flying birds and much more! After the hard day of shooting, join us for a Feast in the hall and brag of your skills and achievements. Awards for best scores for each set of targets and an overall best will be given.

A&S competition based upon our favorite sport, Archery!

YES Archers!  You will be tested on ALL your skills at this event.  This event will truly test all your skills.  Tower shots, Flu Flu targets on the Fly, Thrown Weapons and Atlatl!  Starting with firing at life size targets off a 40' tower!   

We are conveniently located in the middle of the Kingdom so no excuses from Archers too far NORTH or SOUTH!   So come out, one and all, North and South.