Pennsic Hastings Battle 2012

The year 1066 was a turning point in history, and for the last two years at the Pennsic Hastings Battle, the Saxons managed to turn the tides of history back upon themselves, defending the Saxon lands from the Norman invaders!

This year, the Normans have a chance to turn things back 'round again, and win the day. The valor and skill of the warriors on each side will determine the outcome.

Choose a side - defend the Saxons, or join attacking Norman forces - and use your strength of arms to help decide the day. This is a special rules melee. We've attempted to make this event a time for fighters to showcase their beautiful mid-period kits in an atmosphere recreating the feel of battles in the 11th century.

Location and Time: 8/8/12 (Wednesday of War Week) at the Pennsic Fort, 3-5pm


  1. A combatant may count the first strike they receive against mail armor as light.
  2. In general, any form of armor that is documentable to the Battle of Hastings period and region is acceptable. If you have specific questions, please ask via the Armour Archive forums (see below).
  3. General rules: no exposed plastic (plastic gauntlets OK), no exposed duct tape, no exposed modern sports gear, no exposed modern logos, no blatantly modern footwear.
  4. Helms: spangen or conical construction preferred. No closed faced helms of any type, and no blatantly 12th century+ helms.
  5. Torso: anything documentable to the period. Mail has an advantage, but a padded or even plain tunic is documentable as well.
  6. Limb armor: greaves and vambraces may be exposed, all other limb armor should be hidden. Spaulders must be covered if worn.
  7. Gauntlets: any are acceptable (even plastic); this is a safety factor which supersedes historical practice.
  8. Shields: round or kite only. No later period designs (heater, etc.).
  9. Weapons: Primary weapons should be spear, axe, great axe, sword, seax. Thrown weapons OK. Combat archery OK. No weapons that are undocumentable to the place and time.
  10. 10) Force commanders require one extra mortal wound to kill.
  11. Tape is not used as a marker for sides; fighters will use battle cries to tell friend from foe.
  12. Engagement is 360 degrees once "lay on" is called.

Victory Conditions:
Best three of five battles. Victory is achieved either by destroying the enemy force, or by killing the enemy leader (routing the force he commands). Participants are asked to bring some small token as "loot"; the side losing three of five battles will give someone on the other side their
"loot" token. This should not be an expensive item, but rather a token of victory on the field that day appropriate to your station.

Hope to see many folks there, either as fighters OR as spectators! =)

Lord Owyn Claerwyn
Seneschal, Mountain Freehold