Decosa Design LLC

Decosa Design LLC provides extremely rare handwoven silk brocades with historically accurate motifs.  Their fabrics have intricate designs worked in fine gilt threads for a true golden or silver shine.  They also carry limited quantities of cloth-of-gold and cloth-of-silver.  These fabrics shine brilliantly at outdoor events and will not fade or tarnish.

Decosa Design LLC also creates fine garb for men and women, including Medieval garments in handwoven silk brocades.  They have cloaks and regalia for court wear, and cloth-of-gold and cloth-of-silver headdresses designed specifically for the garb needs of SCA participants.

Decosa Design LLC creates all garments from extensively researched patterns, and makes headdresses with traditional millinery techniques.  In addition to handwoven fabrics, they use high-quality materials such as silk taffeta, vintage gemstones, and real pearls.