Midrealm Seeks Historic Photos

The Honorable Lady Corynne de Castile is seeking photographs and artwork depicting past Midrealm royalty for a special history project. Somewhere stashed away in shoe boxes, file drawers and under the bed, lies a wealth of photos and artwork of past Middle Kingdom Royalty. The Honorable Lady Corynne de Castile is asking for help to collect some of this material.

She writes:

Unto the Populace of the Midrealm does Corynne de Castile send friendly greetings this day.

As well you know, after a time, the excitement of living in the moment passes and we reflect on that which came before. Often, we find that without deliberate planning only our all-too-faulty memories, a small cache of letters and photographs are all that remain of the past. To capture the past and the present for the sake of the future, I am coordinating a most exciting project and I need the assistance of all those talented photographers out there. On the Midrealm pages we have a previous royalty website. Alas, that site has very little by way of any pictures documenting the activities and current medieval fashions previous royalty.

My hope is that together we can gather up the many photographs and artwork of previous reigns and share them, via the previous royalty website, for all to see and enjoy. If you have any photographs you can scan/e-mail them to me, or copy them and send them to my home address. Unfortunately, I can not guarantee the safe return of the pictures once you send them to me, so please copy or send ones you aren't certain to need. My aim is to complete this project by 12th Night. With your help we can make it happen.

Thank you for your help.
THL Corynne de Castile