iBards: For the Dream! - A Bardic Fundraiser

Are you looking for wonderful SCA entertaiment for your summer event driving? Look no further than "For The Dream! - A Bardic Fundraiser".

This fundraiser brings together and features 21 artists from across 10 Kingdoms, 37 tracks, and just a hair shy of 120 minutes across 2 Downloadable CDs - with all profits of sales go to benefit the SCA General Fund. iBards is an online resource for bardic recordings founded by Heather Dale.

(from iBards) "This collaborative bardic project was organized by Lorelei Skye in order to help support the SCA we know and love. All profits will be donated to the SCA's General Fund. These two downloadable albums will be available only for a limited time: until Labor Day (Sep 3, 2012), exclusively from www.iBards.org. Thanks for your support -- and for helping keep The Dream alive and strong!

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