[ANS] Elfsea Baronial College

The Barony of Elfsea will be holding their Baronial College on 07 July, 2012. This will take place at the Polytechnic United Methodist Church on the Texas Wesleyan University Campus, Fort Worth, Texas. Besides teaching classes, we will also be choosing a new Bardic Champion and a new Baronial Artisan.

Many of you will have just taught classes at Kings College, well bring that expertise to Elfsea and do it again on a more intimate scale. We also have room outdoors for fighting classes if you are interested. For the Artisans this is an excellent opportunity to bring out some new samples before you go to the larger competitions.

This is a wonderful sight with lots of air conditioned classrooms, dry erase boards, some projectors and internet. The site fee will also include a sideboard.

We are looking for lots of instructors and a variety of subjects to be taught. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge please send me the following information:

Class title:
Class runtime:
Class size limit:
Class discription:
Special instructions: (classroom set-up requirements, fees, ect.)