[MID] Chaos Caravan

The Shire of Greyhope will be hosting an event Chaos Caravan on July 7, 2012  Many changes have been made to this event since it was first put on the calendar and for some reason the web site fails to be updated.

The shire is honored to be welcoming Their Majesties to this event.  In honor of this, the event has been improved with the following:

Camping is now done through the shire not the site.  For $5 a tent per night camp on site! Site opens to the populace at 5:00 pm Friday evening and closes at 10:00 am Sunday morning.  As this is normally a paint ball facility, anyone who wishes may stay and play paint ball on Sunday.  Arrangements for that will need to be arranged with the site.  (camping area is away from the paint ball area)

Breakfast will be offered on Saturday morning.  For $5 a plate you will have:
Strata (egg casserole)
hash brown patty
choice of lemon or blueberry muffin
choice of banana or orange wedges
hot drink

Feast has been added.  For $10 you will have a feast prepared by a chef with her own special desserts!

On the Table
Poudre Forte Almonds
Stuffed Mushrooms
Compost (Marinated Veggies)
Sweet Bread and butters; herb & honey

First Course
Blancmanger (chicken/rice stew)
Diuers Sallets
Cherry Torte

Second Course
Smoked Pork w/mustard sauce
Salat of Apples and Onions
Roman Macaroni
Strawberry cream soup

Site: Sherwood Paintball 3497 N. U.S. 35, LaPorte IN

3497 North US HWY 35
LaPorte, IN 46350
Phone: (219) 325-8060

Saturday night there will be a Bardic Circle in the castle by torchlight.
Site is now discreetly damp.

Site fee is $10 for adults $5 for children.  The $5 non-member fee will be charged of course.

Lunch is availabe for $5. I do not have the menu as that is being done by an idividual group not the  shire. All food sales must go through Troll per the site requirements.

Since we would really like to sell feast pre-reg would be welcome so we know how many to prepare for in advance.  Please send reservations by June 30th to:
Mistress Elena de Vexin