Knowne World A&S Auction and Gala Fundraiser Invitation

Mistress Carolyne and Master Julien de LaPointe, of the East Kingdom, announce that an A&S Auction and Fundraiser will take place August 7, 2012 at the upcoming Pennsic War.

Mistress Carolyne and Master Julien write:

Knowne World A&S Auction and Gala Fundraiser Invitation

Greetings All!

It is a pleasure to invite the entire populace of the SCA to a night of art, music, fundraising and fun! The Knowne World A&S Auction and Gala Fundraiser will take place on August 7th 2012 in East Kingdom Royal at Pennsic. Artisans from all Kingdoms are working to produce the finest wares for your bidding pleasure. Half of the final selling price from each artisan's piece will go to their Kingdom and the remainder will go to Corpora to help replenish everyone's coffers after this financially challenging year.

From 6:00 to 8:00 pm the gates will be open to preview the treasures for auction, but wait! If you are expecting a solemn, hushed event you are sure to be disappointed. Musicians and performers such as Mistress Marian of Heather Dale of Ealdomere, The Tulsin Troubadours of Atlantia and Master Efenwealt Whystle of Ansteorra will be playing for your entertainment during the preview and during breaks. Some of our finest brewers and vintners will be donating the fruits of their labor for your refreshment! Cooks and bakers will produce delicacies to tease your palate!

Only during the bidding (which starts promptly at 8:00 pm) do we request quiet so the auctioneers can hear and be heard. We do want raise to money after all. So save that birthday money or break into your piggy bank and take home a piece that will be the envy of all others! Visit our website and view the offerings as they get posted.

As the donations get finished they will be added and others will be updated as works in progress so visit frequently. Share the website with any groups, friends or newsletters that might be interested.

Come and join the fun and support a cause that is dear to all of us!

Of course we are still looking for more donations whether they be auction pieces, refreshments or snacks. For donations to the Auction, please go to the website, fill out the registration form and submit pictures even if they are works in progress. If you own a business, it can be linked through the description. Many have volunteered but we want the populace to be able to view them. For gifts of refreshments or snacks please email us at

In Service,

Mistress Carolyne and Master Julien de LaPointe