[CAI] Gyldenholt Anniversary

Please join us for the 32nd annual Gyldenholt Anniversary. Their Excellencies, Ursul and Colette, will be stepping down and we will be holding the investiture of our new Baron and Baron, Giles Hill and Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia. The day will be filled with fighting and games and conclude with an evening of great food.

Pacifica High School
6851 Lampson Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92845

Throughout the day we will be having a variety of events to look for the Barony Champions:
- Armored Combat
- Rapier
- Unarmored Combat
- Thrown Weapons
- Youth Combat will begin immediately after Opening Court
- Arts and Sciences - The Arts and Sciences pavilion is pleased to host a display of the creative efforts of the populace. The display will feature a People’s Prize competition to determine the popular favorite and a Baronial Choice competion to determine the Gyldenholt A & S Champion. For the Display and People’s Prize, no documentation of your entry is required. For advancement to the Baronial Choice contest you must have documentation. Please share your creations with us and see what others are doing. Not so so creative? Come and place your vote to support those who are!.

Feast will be held at the same location. The feast site opens at 6pm and will close at 10pm. Please reserve your space early as we have a limit of 125. Also, we will be providing limited seating for off-boarding (20). Payment is to be made the day of the event.
• Feast cost: $12.00 for feast. $2.00 for off-Board seating

Site Opens 8:00am and court will begin at 10:00am (at TRM pleasure)
Site Closes at 6:00pm
Site Fee is $8 for adults and $4.00 for children 5 - 12, children 5 and under are guests of the Barony. There is a $5.00 non-member surcharge.

For more information, questions, or feast reservations, anniversary@sca-gyldenholt.org

If you are visiting from out of town and need local information, please contact Mistress Caterucia Bice da Ghiacceto at caterucia@gmail.com.

Feel free to post this information to your local groups!