[EAL] Murder Melee XXIX & The Baronial Investiture

Please join Ben Dunfirth as we celebrate the Baronial Investiture of Taern MacGregor! It will be a weekend filled with celebration, exciting activities, and everything you can want in an event!

Murder Melee XXIX & The Baronial Investiture
June 7-10, 2012

Once again we put the Melee into “Murder Melee” with competitions being organized for every martial activity!  We have planned team competitions in Rapier and Armoured combat, Youth combat, Thrown weapons and Archery!  Come out to compete, but don’t fear – if you don’t have a team pre-set before arriving, there will be others there looking for new team mates and new friends!

Murder Melee promises to be an event that offers it all, a great site for families and camping, glorious competition in all martial activities, classes in various arts and sciences and, for the fourth year the services of the Dizzy Dragon tavern for various sumptuous needs.  Whether you are training for war or simply enjoying the summer season among family & friends, Murder Melee will not disappoint!

Armoured combat will feature our traditional “New Fighters” tournament on Friday evening (don’t worry, we definitely have time for authorizations before the tournament) and the 10-man melee competition on Saturday, followed by you guessed it more melees!

For our Youth Combatants, Duke Quilliam is planning to organize some melees for all of our up and coming Fighters … We place the future of our Ealdormerian army in His Grace’s very capable hands!

Lady Augusta has been working hard to satisfy our most creative friends and has created an A&S schedule which features classes in beading, Viking Full Contact Whip-cording, dancing and much more. We are also planning to have Bardic Circles starting around 8 PM Friday and Saturday night.

And for the Fencers we have the very popular woods battle returning, plus fencing and fencing and more fencing!

The Archery and Thrown Weapons range will be open all weekend. This year they will team up to hold a combined tournament, as well as opportunities for individual competitions!

As you can see if you love it or want to try it in the SCA then we are bringing it to you at Melee.