Social media use in newsletters

The Society Chronicler, Countess Honor of Restormel, has announced the current policy on the use of spcial media webpages in newsletters.

Her Excellency writes:

Greetings.  I have discussed the Social Media “issues” with Corporate and it is a topic “under discussion.”

Until we get further clarification from Corporate/The Board on how Facebook and other Social Media sites are to be handled, please refrain from using links or references to Facebook and other Social Media Sites in the newsletters.  This would apply to local Chroniclers as well.  Apparently there are a lot of legal ramifications – some of which the Board has had to deal with already.


Countess Honor of Restormel

I'm curious if this is the

I'm curious if this is the same as the (ludicrous) flap over Facebook's terms of service as related to copyright - where the Board seems unaware that Facebook's TOS are not different than any other web service provider.

Email Lists?

 I wonder how this applies (if at all) to email lists. A Yahoo Group could be considered social media.