[GLE] Fighter Seminar

I will be hosting a fighter seminar at my home on June 16, 2012. I have crash space for about 15 in the house and plenty of camping space for those who wish to camp. The house has 2 indoor showers and 1 outdoor when I have checked it for this season. 

This work weekend will be casual mundane wear and lots of fighter activities. Some of the discussions will include mental preparations as well as actual fighting. It will concentrate on individual combat. We hope to have some video abilities as well to record the fighting as well as discussions. One of the things I will also cover is actual sword work compared to our combat. If I can get the materials I hope to have classes on actual sword cutting. This will depend on availability of things like bamboo. Preferably in the 1 to 3 inch diameter range and at least 3 ft long preferably up to 5 ft. If you have a real sword you carry or use please bring it for the classes. 

If you wish to stay in the house you need to contact me immediately for crash space. If you wish to camp also contact me so I can make areas available. For those who wish to come in on Friday any time after 1pm is fine. Food is as follows. I will purchase some breakfast stuff such as eggs and bacon to have available for the morning of Saturday. Lunch will probably be sandwiches and chips. Dinner will be on the grill so either bring something to grill or let know so I can get things ahead of time. I figure a couple bucks tossed in for each meal should cover expenses. Drinks except water and maybe gatorade will be your responsibility. I do have a 4 person hot tub at the house also. 

Parking will be tight but we can make it work. The house sits on 2 acres so there will be plenty of space for fighting and tenting. Please let me know if you are coming and plan to stay overnight. 

20620 Mennonite Road
Gulfport, MS 39503