Atlantia creates two new Pelicans for service in Archery, Siege, and Webminister areas

At Highland River Melees, in the Barony of Highland Foorde, in the Kingdom of Atlantia, on June 1, 2012, AS XLVII, Atlantian Monarchs King Bryan and Queen Brianna elevated Siegfried Sebastian Faust and Jonathas Reinisch to the noble Order of the Pelican.

These two gentles have provided outstanding service to the target archery, combat archery and siege communities, webministry, service to their local groups as Territorial Barons, and many other things.

Siegfried has been a long supporter of target and combat archery, and served as Society Deputy Marshal for Combat Archery for several years. Jonathas started a website to keep track of Atlantian archery scores, which has since expanded to encompass the sites for many Kingdoms of the Knowne World. Both Jonathas and Siegfried are involved in Siege and Target Archery. Jonathas is well-known for his work with Siege weaponry, and Siegfried is widely known for his love of archery, both combat and target. (Siegfried's son's first word was "Arrow".) Both elevations were thoroughly deserved, and were accompanied by loud affirmations of such by the populace.