[EAL] Pikeman's Pleasure

Is Fortuna, the Lady of Luck and Fortune, smiling on you? Are you her favorite? Or will you be crushed under her constantly rolling wheel? The Canton of Petrea Thule invites all soldiers of fortune, gamers and gamblers, no matter if lucky or dogged by bad luck to join us for a day of merriment.

Pikeman's Pleasure—Fortune's Folly
Saturday June 2, 2012
Hosted by the Canton of Petrea Thule

Millbrook–Cavan–North Monaghan Community Centre
4 Needler's Lane
Millbrook, Ontario L0A 1G0

Site Fee $10.00 plus KET and NMS
Children under 12 are half–price
Feast $10.00 per person
Make cheques payable to SCA Petrea Thule

Site opens at 9A.M. and closes at 10P.M.

Lunch Menu
In keeping with fortunes won and lost and the need to keep a hand free for scooping up ill gotten gains or to keep a blade at hand, we offer a one handed lunch...

    Sweet and Sour Meatballs (on a Pike) OR Roasted Vegetable Calzones (meat free)
    Cheesy Sun Crisps
    Celery and baby carrots
    Pickles and cheese
    Septentrian Sugar Cookies
    Summer Fruit Kabobs

Your own plate will be required for lunch.


Armoured Combat
    Armoured Combat Marshal in Charge: Duke Berus
Target Archery
    Archery Marshal in Charge: Lord Brendan Hunterson
Rapier Combat
    Rapier Marshal in Charge: Lady Jocelyn Cranwell
Thrown Weapons
    Thrown Weapons Marshal in Charge: Lord Daniel of Whitby
A&S Competition
Bardic competition

Merchants are most welcome! Please contact the Event Stewards.

Event Staff

    Event Steward
    Countess Adrielle Kerrec
    geunderwood @ cogeco dot ca

    Event Steward
    Lord William the Younger
    kart_49 @ hotmail dot com

    Mistress Keja
    Kbates @ imladrisfarm dot ca


From north/east:

Take your best route to Hwy 115 South from Peterborough. Exit onto County Rd. 10 (Millbrook/Cavan cut off). Turn left (south). Drive into Millbrook until you see the very large stop sign. Drive straight through and you have arrived at the Community Centre/Arena.

From south/west: take best route to Hwy. 115 North to Peterborough. Exit onto County Rd. 10 (Millbrook/Cavan cut–off). Turn right (go south). Follow above directions.