SCA demo at Phoenix Comicon

Lord Alystyr (Yoshi), Kingdom Media Officer for the Kingdom of Atenveldt, reports on SCA participation at the recent ComicCon in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lord Alystyr writes:

It was an exciting and extremely busy weekend for those of us at the Phoenix Comicon International, and it is my pleasure to announce that the SCA Exhibitor Booth was a COMPLETE SUCCESS!!

Over the course of the event, we had the opportunity to speak with a large number of people who have heard about the SCA but never had the opportunity to speak to anybody in it directly. We also met some former members who used to play in other Kingdoms, and are considering becoming active again in Atenveldt.  Brent Spiner (who played Data in Star Trek TNG) even came by the booth to state that he knew who we were and that he liked what we do!! The response was greater than anticipated, and we should prepare ourselves for the arrival of some new visitors to our practices over the next few weeks and months. We have been invited to a few cons, and asked to do some film work as a result of our presence and professionalism.  I wish I could go over everything that transpired, however that would be quite lengthy.

The RAFFLE was very well received, and we covered the cost of the Registration Fees for the Phoenix Comicon, ensuring our return next year. Our infinite thanks to the Artisans of our Kingdom who donated to this Raffle and for coming out and displaying their talents. Your efforts helped engage many of those into costuming and other arts and sciences.

We have already begun discussing our ideas for next year with great excitement, and I look forward to working with everybody once again! It is your tireless efforts and belief in the dream that made this an amazing and successful event!!

In Humble Service,

Lord Alystyr (Yoshi)
Kingdom Media Officer