Rare black-tinted Flemish manuscripts online

In the second half of the 15th century, the noble families of Burgundy were privileged to enjoy illuminated books with black tinted pages, scribed with gold and silver script. Examples of these rare and magnificent manuscripts may be viewed on artist Daniel Mitsui's blog, The Lion & the Cardinal.

Showcased are images from The Black Hours from the Pierpont Morgan Library.

From the blog:

A particular feature of this magnificent black tinted devotional book is the blue ground of the numerous large borders, which contributes considerably to the overall colouristic impression... The border ornamentation was executed exclusively in gold with black shading - no other colour tones were added - though the deep blue colouring of the ground conveys an almost multicoloured impression. The flowery vines and jagged acanthus scrolls with birds and grotesques resemble those in the Viennese Hours. All initials have even golden bodies and are set against a green ground with a white, fleuronné decoration...