[ANT] Springfest

We invite all to attend our annual Springfest event where the Champions of Wastekeep will be chosen by their skills on the field. We are looking for the best of the best to be our champion in Heavy Fighting, Rapier fighting and of Archery! 

Youth are encouraged to come out and fight in our Youth armor combat champions tournament and our Youth archery champion tournament. Pot luck feast Saturday evening, our barony will be providing meat and breads please bring a dish to feed 10-12 people. Mundane Last name:  A-H    Side dishes, I-P Main Dishes and Q-Z  Desserts. Also, come by and wish our Baron and Baroness safe travels as they prepare to travel to Spain on an epic adventure (they will be gone til December )
If you are interested in teaching a class in embroidery, cooking, painting scrolls, calligraphy, period encampments, armoring etc please email the the autocrat, or if you are interested in sponsoring a contest.

Clases offered at Springfest..

  • Dancing--- come out and learn the latest steps to your favorite period tunes
  • Embroidery  -- learn the basic, intermediate and some expert stitches to finish up the garb, favor or arts and science project
  • YAC-  Does your child want to start learning the basics of fighting, those who attend (with a parent) can be authorized to fight in the yac tournament on Sunday.
  • ATTENTION HEAVY FIGHTERS!! Sir Pembroke, a knight of the West is offering a class on Sunday to all those interested.

A Grand Siege cooking competition will be happening: Read the following for more information !  For many months Wastekeep has been under siege. The invaders have burned the surrounding countryside. Supplies are dwindling, but the spring festival is fast approaching and the Baron knows that little could be worse for his populace's morale than for the holiday to go unobserved. SO Baron Styrkarr has ordered the Sergeantry to scour the keep for any foodstuffs that can be found, and to bring the greatest cooks in the barony, as well as those great traveling cooks who have been trapped by the siege. Wastekeep will not be deprived of its Springfest!!  Contestants (or teams of contestants) will be provided with the ingredients below and tasked with creating a meal (that likely will contain a few different dishes). The results will be judged during the feast. Ingredients that will be provided are: goat meat, 2 eggs, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, honey, asiago cheese, lentils, dried mushrooms, dried adriatic figs, whole wheat flour, pine nuts, cabbage, turnips, onion.  No limits on spices. A selection of spices will be available or you may use your own. You may also bring on personal ingredient that you have stashed away during the long siege. May be fresh. May not be the majority of any dish. If you are planning on or thinking about participating, have questions please email Phillip de Mantel at jepainter@gmail.com.

There will also be some family activities planned  and open play area for kids to enjoy also. (parents are required to attend with their child/children)

Dancing.. dancing...dancing! Come out and be ready to put your dancing shoes on Friday evening at 7:00 and learn some new steps to dance to.

If you would like to merchant please contact the autocrat for more information.
Autocrat: HL Ysabella Greene

Fee: Adults 18+  $15.00
        Youth 6-17 $10.00
         Child 0-5 free
        Family Cap $ 50.00
$5.00 Non member surcharge will be applied.  Please make checks payable to Barony of Wastekeep, SCA INC

RV's are welcomed with NO extra charge
Please remember to bring the appropriate paperwork if you are bringing a child with you that is not yours. You need to have a minors consent to participate and a medical waiver with copy of parents ID.

Site Info:
Name: Sacajawea State Park
2503 Sacajawea Park Rd.
Pasco, WA 99301

Directions to Site:

From Spokane:

Take your best route to I-90W.Merge onto I-90 W / US-395 S
Merge onto US-395 S via EXIT 220 toward PASCO. 74.0 miles
Merge onto US-12 E toward WALLA WALLA. 3.7 miles
End at 2503 Sacajawea Park Rd

From Seattle:

Take your best route to I-90E Merge onto I-90 E via the exit on the LEFT toward BELLEVUE / SPOKANE.
Merge onto I-82 E via EXIT 110 toward YAKIMA
Merge onto US-12 E via EXIT 102 toward RICHLAND / PASCO
End at 2503 Sacajawea Park Rd

From Oregon:

Take your best route to I-82W. Merge onto I-82 W via EXIT 179 toward HERMISTON / UMATILLA (Crossing into WASHINGTON).
Merge onto US-395 N via EXIT 113 toward I-182 / KENNEWICK / PASCO.
Merge onto US-395 N via the exit on the LEFT toward SPOKANE
Merge onto US-12 E toward SPOKANE / WALLA WALLA.