Youth Choir at Pennsic 41

Lady Erlan Nordenskald reports that plans are afoot for a Youth Choir at Pennsic 41.

Lady Erlan writes:

Rumor has been spreading about a youth choir. the truth is out. While the music and program have not been finalized I can promise that it will be fun for everyone involved.

Rehearsals are from Sat. 8/4 - Thu. 8/10 from 1-2 PM in the Performing Arts Pavilion.

On Tuesday the 7th and Wednesday the 8th it's from 12-1.

There's a dress rehearsal on Thursday with time TBA. (probably 1-2)

The Youth Choir is open to all youth ages 8-17.

Any youth who feel that they can sing with the KWC adult choir need to audition for Maser Robyn. This will most likely apply to males over the age of 14 who's voices have already changed and might not be appropriate for the youth choir.

There will be a pre-registration available via the Pennsic website however that will not limit children from coming to a rehearsal and participating when they get to war. Children will need to attend rehearsals and have a positive participation in order to sing in the concert on Thursday the 8th.

We might also have the opportunity to do an intermission performance at the Youth Theater program... details have not been finalized.

Now, my background check has not come through yet however I do feel that there won't be a problem.

For those interested, I am mundanely a music teacher and work with the developmentally delayed population ages 5-21. For 15 years I was a orchestra, chorus, band director in a high school. I've taught Kindergarten music as well as middle school general and chorus. I've also directed the Adult KWC a few times in the past 20 years.

The main goals of this year's youth choir are
1) fun
2) educational experience of singing period appropriate music
3) the experience of participating in a many voiced choir
4) fun and feeling good about themselves.

Group singing is a wonderful experience in which we can entice our youth to have a love of polyphonic renaissance music that will continue on.

If anyone does have any suggestions or ideas please pass them on.

In service,

Lady Erlan Nordenskald