[ANS] Steppes Warlord XXXIX & Royal Huntsman

Steppes Warlord XXXIX & Royal Huntsman May 25-28, 2012 at the Canton Trade Day's Campground featuring The 25th Anniversary of the Steppes Rapier Championship!

Adult site fee is $18 ~ Site fee for age 6 to 17 is $7 ~ Children under 6 are free! ~ Family Max is $50

A non-member surcharge of $5 per person will be in effect.
Make checks payable to 'SCA / Inc. Barony of the Steppes'.

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian; they may also attend with an adult over 21 with a signed, notarized Minor Event Wavier.

Pets are allowed and must be on a leash, carried, or contained. The site owners may require proof of vaccination.

ACCEPS will be available.

Site opens at 4 pm on Friday, May 25, 2012. Site closes at 11 am on Monday, May 28, 2012.
These times are FIRM.

Full RV hookups are available at $20 per day, with $15 per day for water and electricity.

Merchants welcome ~ Inside booths 10 x 10 feet, $20, outside booths $10.

Directions to the Site:
Canton First Monday Trade Days Campground at 290 East Tyler Street, Canton, Texas, 75103
The site is just off IH 20, approximately 1 hour East of Dallas, Texas. Please take Exit #526 off IH 20, then go South on FM 859 (Edgewood Road). It is 1.2 miles to the West Gate entrance.

Please be aware that if a burn ban is in effect, smoking will be restricted to the designated smoking areas in the parking lot.


  • Steppes Warlord
  • Steppes Rapier Championship
  • Steppes Bardic Champion ~ rules TBA
  • Steppes Archer
  • Royal Huntsman
  • Artisan's Row A & S Contest ~ for more information, please contact Mistress Asiya Bint Mikha'il
  • A Pas d'Armes ~ Hosted by the House of Witacer.
  • Youth Combat and Activities
  • Merchants ~ to merchant at Warlord XXXIX, please contact Lady Gabriele Renee de Bernard.

Schedule (subject to change)

4 PM     Gate Opens
8 PM     Hall Opens for Merchant Set Up
10 PM     Hall Closes

8 AM     Armour Inspection for Warlord Tournament
8 AM     Armour Inspection for Rapier Tournament
9 AM     Hall Opens
9 AM     Morning Court (at the discretion of TRM)
After Morning Court     The Warlord and Rapier Tournaments will begin
After Morning Court     Steppes Archer will begin
Time TBA     Youth Activities
6 PM     Evening Court (at the discretion of TRM)
After Evening Court     Steppes Bard Competition
After Evening Court     Youth Dinner
9 PM     Hall Closes

9 AM     Hall Opens
9 AM     Morning Court (at the discretion of TRM)
After Morning Court     Royal Huntsman
After Morning Court     Youth Combat Tournament
After Morning Court     Pas d'Armes presented by House Whitacer
After Morning Court     Rapier Melees - Iron Star Tournament
3 PM     Hall Closes for Merchant Breakdown
TBA     Evening Court
11 AM     Site Closes. You must be Off Site.


  • All The Trimmings
  • Pegasus Pottery
  • Saqra's Specialities
  • Charlotte's Web
  • Roamin' Trader
  • Briar Patch Garb
  • Ansteorran Longship Company Tavern
  • Wooden Creations
  • Norman Armoury
  • Forestchylde's Urban Oddities
  • S R Originals
  • Raven Boy Music
  • Estoile Designs
  • Forestchylde's Urban Oddities
  • Wolfram's Wonder Wares
  • With more to come!

Pas d'Armes

Unto all who would seek honor upon the fields of the Garden of Eden do we, the Family Whitacer send greetings. Upon the field of the Steppes, on Sunday morning, being the twenty-seventh day of May, Anno Societatis forty-six, being two thousand and twelve by the common reckoning, we, the Family Whitacer, shall take the field against all challengers who would put themselves to the test under arms of peace.

Those who would take up our challenge need only to present themselves, armed at their ease and bearing their heraldry as befits their station, with what retainers they may have or acquire at the appointed field and day. This challenge shall be undertaken in the open field and at the barrier in single combat.

All of those wishing to take up this open challenge should bring forth their consort and retainers garbed in the livery of their lord, with their shield bearer, standard bearer, herald and such other retainers as they see fit to present. Be prepared for the pageantry and glory to be beheld upon the fields of the Garden of Eden. Wonderful prizes will be presented for the best helmet crest, best livery and best persona play.

We look forward to your presence upon the field.

The Family Whitacer

Artisan's Row
Sponsored by Mistress Asiya bint Mikha'il, Artisan's Row is an A&S competition where entrants are asked to recreate the workshop / working space of their craft. There will be 10 x 10 spaces available for entrants inside the air-conditioned hall, with more space available to those who need or wish to work outside. Groups and individuals may enter. For more information, please join the facebook page Artisan's Row at Warlord 2012

Event Co-Steward
Lord Konrad Nowak

Event Co-Steward
Lady Lyneya de Grey