[MER] Saltare Collegium 2012

Are you interested in dance? Do you want to learn some new and interesting dances? Do you need to brush up on the old standards? Do you have a favorite dance you'd like to teach? Do you just want to get out on the floor with the kingdom's best dancers? If so, this is the event you've been waiting for!

This year's Saltare Collegium will be held in Lawrenceville, GA on June 16, 2012, hosted by the Barony of Bryn Madoc. This event provides an opportunity for the dancers of the kingdom to teach and learn new things, and also to have a good old fashioned dance party.

This is a DRY SITE. Anyone bringing alcohol will be removed from site.

Saltare Collegium 2012
June 16, 2012
1000 University Center Lane
Lawrenceville GA 30043

Event Stewards/Reservations:
Lady Gwyneth Ravenscar Dragon2582@yahoo.com
Bantiarna Muirenn ingen Donngaile baroness@brynmadoc.meridies.org

Class Coordinator:
Master Lorenzo Petrucci

Classes will be held at the Student Center on the Georgia Gwinnett College campus.

Turn onto Collins Hill rd from 316 (Left turn if coming from Atlanta, right turn if coming from Athens)

Make a left turn at the first stop light to get onto the Georgia Gwinnett campus. Follow the road around and turn right at the first stop sign.

Pick a spot in either of the two parking lots, park, then head toward the large round building with the cube on top (it is at the right side of the quad).

From that building, look left, for building "E". That's the student center.


Regarding prices for Saltare: This event will be free. However, the Barony of Bryn Madoc is asking for voluntary donations for the Harvel Memorial Scholarship Fund run by Georgia Gwinnett College.

At the time of his untimely passing, Lonnie Harvel, known in the SCA as Lord Aoghann MacGumerait, was the sitting seneschal of Bryn Madoc. In addition to being a deeply respected and beloved member of our fair Barony, he worked at Georgia Gwinnett College as the founding Vice President for Educational Technology. Earlier this year, the school honored him by renaming a street "Lonnie Harvel Blvd." With both the Barony and the college missing his steady hand, our population wishes to honor him.

The college for which Lord Aoghann gave so much is new and supports inviting and technologically advanced spaces to hold Saltare. Because of Lord Aoghann's support of the arts including theater, music, and dance, we have chosen to donate the event's proceeds to the Harvel Memorial Scholarship Fund. As the Barony is working in concert with an on-campus sponsor, The History Club, this event is listed on the campus as a student fundraiser for the scholarship fund. Please consider supporting the Saltare dance guild, the Barony of Bryn Madoc, and Georgia Gwinnett College in memory of a man we all respected and loved.