Estrella War 2013 A&S Competition Category Descriptions

THL Raven Mayne, KMoAS for the Kingdom of Atenveldt, reports that the The Estrella War 29 A&S Competition Page is now online.

THL Raven writes:

EW A&S Competition:

The Estrella War 29 A&S Competition Page is updated with the full descriptions of the categories that were chosen for EW A&S Competition 2013. You can get there from the Kingdom of Atenveldt A&S Webpage.

Always In service,

THL Raven Mayne

Preregistration for Estrella War XXVIX A&S Competition [2013] Will Open on 2 February 2013

The Arts & Sciences Competition at the Estrella War is a high level, inter-kingdom competition inviting artisans from any Kingdom to compete within defined categories for rank and honor for their home Kingdom and to gain feedback from an inter-kingdom judging team. The categories for competition at each war are selected at least 12 months in advance by Crowns, giving artisans goodly time to prepare outstanding entries. In most cases, judging of these entries will take place on the Saturday of each war during the morning and afternoon, and the displays will open for a populace viewing period later that afternoon.