Sinister Developments in Drachenwald: Leftist Conspiracy?

Reporters working for a Drachenwald publication, ye Sunne in Splendour, have uncovered evidence of a Leftist Power Grab in Drachenwald.

Those up to date with Knowne World political events will recall the recent victory at Drachenwald Crown Tourney of the 'One True Heir' of Drachenwald, Master Paul de Gorey. The Sunne can reveal that he is a lifelong Leftist, and indeed indicated this by using his sword in this hand, in complete contravention of the usual Dexterous practices. He could not be reached for comment today, but his Crown Princess told a Sunne source, "This is the sort ... that Paul and I want to encourage".

That this Leftist plot had taken control of even one Heirdom in Drachenwald would have been worrying enough, given it was that of the Kingdom itself, but at least we could have relied upon the Princes of Nordmark and Insulae Draconis to rein in these Sinister Developments.

Recently, however, the clear nature of this Sinister conspiracy was demonstrated at the Coronet List of Insulae Draconis, when Lord Richard the Rampant, fighting for his inspiration, Lady Lena the Red, was victorious, using the same Leftist sign that Prince Paul had previously demonstrated. We at the Sunne can also reveal that Lord Richard spent time at a desert training facility, during time he claimed to be in Calontir 'On Business'. We can only surmise that this is where he received the advanced training in combat techniques that he brought to his Sinister plan.

Drachenwald awaits news of the next Nordmark coronet tournament with concern, and indeed Sunne Journalists examining engravings of the current Prince, Brendan the Tired, were unable to find any definitive evidence of his innocence.