[ATL] Beginner Mead Brewing Class

On Saturday, May 12, 2012 the Baronial Brewer of Ponte Alto Aveline Scargill will be hosting a beginning mead brewing class at her home in Ashburn, VA. 

They will be making a couple of different kinds of mead (flavors to be decided by agreement of the participants).  This is a true beginner's class, but more experienced brewers are welcome (though you may be asked to share your experience)!

The class is free, however if you would like to take home mead there will be an $8 supply fee.  With that small fee you'll leave with a small 3L container of mead to care for in your home while it ferments, along with beginning equipment and instructions to be able to rack the mead partway through fermentation.  Instructions will be provided on home bottling without expensive equipment.  Time can also be arranged for participants to stop back by to be assisted with bottling.

Up to 30 people can attend however there is only space for 12 people to take home mead.  Refreshments will be provided.  Brewing starts at 11am. At approximately 1pm everyone will carpool about 2 miles down to Lost Rhino Brewery in Ashburn, VA and sample some beer and take a brewery tour while the wort cools, then return to transfer the wort to the small carboys. 

There are cats at Aveline's house, so if you're allergic, please medicate.

Email fivecats1@yahoo.com to register and receive directions to the house.