[MER] Lusty Month of May

I, your Not-So-Humble Event Stewardess, Baroness Sibella, and Baroness Leda the Oft-Sidekick, WENT TO ENGLAND IN JANUARY to visit the Field of Cloth of Gold at Hampton Court Palace JUST for all of you! Yes, really! We did it for research just for Lusty!

Ok, well, no we didn't. But it was part of it! Really! Let me tell you, the research that has gone into this event is stunning!

We discovered, in the course of our "research", that King Henry provided a WINE FOUNTAIN for the populace to enjoy whilst encamped on the Field of Cloth of Gold. A WINE FOUNTAIN, you guys. Well, you know what we are going to do, don't you? I'm personally going to provide a BUNCH of wine. In a FOUNTAIN. At the LMOM revel. FREE.

The event isn't free, and the alcohol is not part of the site or food fee and will not be provided by the Shire. But I hope that you will all come out and support our shire at our 12th Annual Lusty Month of May!

The Feast will be another fabulous fighter's feast - a below the salt feast in the style of the Tudor era (except with modern quiches and cheesecake, because seriously, the Tudor stuff isn't very nice as a savory or as a sweet).

May 11-13, 2012
Shire of Talmere
A.H. Stephens State Park
456 Alexander Street NW Crawfordville , GA 30631

With much love and wine,
Your Not-So-Humble Event Stewardess,
Baroness Sibella