[MID] MidrealmCoronation

The Barony of Sternfeld Invites you to The Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses Savaric de Pardieu & Julianna de Pardieu and Grand Pageant

Saturday, May 5th, 2012
Tipton County 4-H Extension, 1200 S Main St, Tipton, IN 46072

Site Opens at 9 AM Saturday Morning and Closes at 10 PM Saturday Night

Please make checks to "SCA: Barony of Sternfeld."

Non-members: Anyone who cannot show proof of membership (either a current member card or online registration confirmation or a current copy of The Pale with your name on the mailing label) will be charged a $5.00 non-member surcharge (NMS) fee.

As always, it's a good idea not to wait until the day of the event to buy a feast ticket!

Site Fees:

$10 For Members
$5 Non-Member Surcharge in Addition for Adult Non-Members
$5 For Children (Half-Price, Per Kingdom Policy)
Free for Children 5 and Under!


$12 For Adults
$6 for Children 12 and Under
Free for Lap Sitters


$20 Per Tent, Per Night


The event site is located at 1200 S Main St, Tipton, IN 46072

This is a DRY site.

No open flames (such as candles or ground fires) are allowed on the grounds, but contained above ground fires are allowed outdoors. The use of artificial candles in the hall during feast for ambiance is encouraged!

This is a 4-H camp so animals are allowed on site out of doors but you are responsible for cleaning up after them. Only companion animals are allowed inside the main hall.

We look forward to seeing you there!