New Peers created at Lochac's Rowany Festival

The Lochac Kingdom email list was brimming recently with news of Peers made and tapped at this year's Rowany Festival.

Those recognized were:

  • Count Sir Berenger of Nancy - Order of the Pelican
  • Viscountess Cairistiona nic Beathain - Order of the Pelican
  • Master Wulfwine Grimwald - Placed on vigil for Order of the Laurel
  • Sir Ysambart Courtain - Order of the Chivalry
  • Sir Bran Torc Dubh McBrude - Order of the Chivalry
  • Master - Padraig Lowther - Order of the Pelican
  • Antonia di Lorenzo - Order of the Laurel


Nota bene: Our article, based on a post to the Lochac kingdom email list, had two errors. Being informed of the problem, we have corrected the above list accordingly. We regret and apologize for the errors.

Pelican Ceremony

The information here is incorrect. This was my Pelican Ceremony not Cairistiona inghen Raonuill, Cairistiona joined the Order of the Pelican in 2003. My Pelican Ceremony was this year and I am Viscountess Cairistiona nic Beathain. :-)

We apologize for the error.

We have corrected the list. Thank you for informing us of the problem, and we apologize for the error.