Pennsic 41 Arts & Sciences Display

Artisans and Craftspeople are once again invited to display their effort, talents & knowledge in the 15th annual Known World Arts & Sciences Display on  Monday, August 6th, at the Pennsic War.

This is not a competition, and it is not always finished items. Some are works in progress, and some are just representations of what someone knows and does. Often, as people come and look, they see that what you do is something they might want to start investigating.   For both the people who display and the people who come to see, the most valuable part is being able to talk to others who have the same interests, and sometimes more knowledge in a field.   You might be able to share some knowledge or resources with others who are displaying!

Photos of some items from the past couple of years are up at [the link below], filed under sub-albums of the Pennsic Year of the Display.

Online Registration will end on July 14th.   There will be an express check-in for those who have pre-registered online.

  • Table space will be assigned to those who pre-register on-line, in the order they are received, as we cannot guarantee space for everyone.
  • Barn space is divided by Kingdom, thus allowing the Royalty, Peers,  and Populace to see the efforts of their Craftspeople more easily.
  • Set-up begins at 8:30 am, and we end at 3 pm.  Everyone must have their objects/displays out by 4 pm., when I hope you will help me take down  all the tables and return the barn to its empty state.
  • Only tables will be provided, although some are picnic tables. Please bring your own chair, displays (even tables).
  • There is a limit of 9 sq ft a person (not per item).
  • You are not required to be there, and if all you can do is a part of the day, I still thank you for sharing your knowledge.  However, please have someone to watch your items when you cannot be there.  With a couple of hundred people displaying, we cannot watch the items, and cannot take responsibility for them.

Thank you!  Being able to organize this for you is such a joy.

THL Rowena ni Dhonnchaidh