Atlantia Crown List combatants and consorts

Their Majesties Bryan and Brianna, King and Queen of Atlantia, have posted a list of combatants and their consorts for Their upcoming Crown Tournament.

Their Majesties write:

Greetings Atlantia!  We are pleased to announce Our Crown List:

  • Lord Sascha St. George fighting for Baron? Bessenyei Rozsa
  • Count Sinclair Hawkins fighting for Countess Kari Kyst
  • Count Vladimir Ivonovich Aleksandrov fighting for Countess Kalisa Aleksandrovna
  • Mistress Cunen Beornhelm fighting for Baron Drogo Rainulf de Dragonera
  • Sir Theron Andronikos fighting for Lady Kaolin In?rga
  • Sir Joselin d'outremer fighting for Lady Symone de la Rochelle
  • Sir William Shopp Ratt fighting for Countess Aryanna Hawkyns
  • Sir Ragnarr Rifbrjotr fighting for BaronessWillow Faye Dunne
  • Baron Jonathas Reinisch fighting for Baroness Amalia Kunne
  • Baron Sean De La Mare fighting for Baroness Elizabeth Harlyn
  • Baron Girard le Bourguignon fighting for Baronne Gueni?vre de Monmarch?
  • THL Giacomo Vincenti di Firenze fighting for THL Elinore Hamilton
  • Baron Mungoe McKlinchey fighting for Lady Siobhan McKlinchey
  • Baron Turgeis Hakonsson fighting for Mistress Sunniva Kyrre
  • Brother Amos the Pious fighting for Lady Ysabella Cacemoine
  • Lord James Griffin fighting for Dame Brenna of Storvik
  • Lord Lucas Von Aych fighting for Baroness Aine ruadh inghean Neill
  • Lord Christoph Kreiger fighting for Lady Adelhait Fuchs
  • Baron Fergus of Hanna fighting for Lady Glynis Gwynedd
  • Lord Christian Thomas of York fighting for Lady Evja R?gnvaldsd?ttir
  • Baroness Marie-Therese Normand fighting for Lord Nara Numuchi
  • Lord John Angus West fighting for Baronesa Gracia Esperanca
  • Lord Hrogeirr Hrafnsson fighting for Baroness Tyra Jonsdatter
  • Lord Aaron of Moorhaven fighting for Lady Murienne l'aloiere
  • Lord Carlyle Jamesson fighting for Lady Amanda ofHouse Hedgehog
  • Lord Randver Askmadr fighting for Lady Nem inghean Dochartaigh
  • Lord Lochlainn hua Rigbarddain fighting for Lady Aidan Lowery
  • Lord Dubhghall mac Donnchaidh fighting for  Lady Susanna inghean Aoidh.
  • Lord Gabriel Vladimar Zadorin fighting for Mistress Alesia Gillefalyn
  • Lord Eoin Mac Giric fighting for Baroness Sara Beth of Bellwood
  • Lord Reis Brangweyn fighting for Lady Eva Brangweyn

If any have sent in their Letters of Intent without your names appearing above, please contact Us immediately. As always, We reserve the right to add entrants whose letters are received after this at Our discretion.

We look forward to seeing many come out and witness this grand Crown Tourney.

-- Bryan & Brianna King & Queen

Vivant! Atlantia