Estrella War 2013 dates announced

Their Royal Majesties Craven and Elzbieta of the Kingdom of Atenveldt have announced the dates for Estrella War 2013.

Their Majesties write:

Greetings from Craven and Elzbieta, King and Queen of glorious Atenveldt!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Estrella War and enjoyed the new site. Our new site's owner, Mark Schnepf, along with the City of Queen Creek enjoyed working with us and are eager to work with us in the future. Our Seneschal, Lady Thyri ingen Aedian u Rigain, has finished working with Schnepf Farms to secure a date for the next two years. So at this time we wish to announce the dates for Estrella War 29 will be 2/26/13 thru 3/4/13  and  for Estrella War 30 they will be 2/25/14 thru 3/3/14. We have discussed and shared these dates with our neighboring cousins.The Kingdom calendar will be updated very soon with the necessary changes. Thank you to everyone who made Estrella War 28 a great event.

In Service We Remain,
TRM Craven and Elzbieta