[LOC] Great Southern Gathering

The Great Southern Gathering (GSG) is a relaxed annual event offering a variety of classes for those interested in the Arts and Sciences, Armoured Combat and Fencing, with a mix of tournaments and Prize fights on the Sunday. 

GSG is an annual event which rotates between Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania and this year it's the Barony of Krae Glas' pleasure to host this regional event. 

GSG will be held at Clifford Park Scout Activity Centre which has excellent facilities including powered cabins, showers, camp grounds and various meeting rooms. Clifford Park has just extended the main feasting hall and is in the process of updating the kitchen. Under the GSG agreement priority for the cabins will be given to wayfarers, provided wayfarers book before the 17th August 2012. After then, the cabins will be open to all on a first in, best dressed basis. Past experience has shown us that the cabins go very quickly so book early if you are wayfaring. The local area also has motels and B&B's.  

GSG has two very distinct stages to the event, designed to assist those battling airplane weight restrictions, and in response to some interesting observation made during one of Innilgard's past Collegiums. It was discussed that the absence of period garb removed certain artificial barriers between attendees, allowing for greater social interaction between new and long term
players. This provided an improved learning environment and also allowed participants to dress appropriately for the activities being undertaken. For these reasons, at GSG garb is optional up until the start of the feast on Saturday evening. We will try to schedule the messier A&S activities prior to the Feast.

Numbers for the event will be capped based on the limitation of the kitchens, so book early to avoid starvation.

What's new:-

Field of Grace Tournament:- To celebrate the gracefulness and pageantry of the Kingdom's Baroness' we will be offering the 'Field of Grace' rapier tournament. This tournament will occur on Sunday and will be restricted to Baroness's or their chosen champion/representative.  All combatants will be required to fly a banner displaying their Groups device or their personal device or their Baroness's device. The tournament will be judged by the landed Barons present and a token will be presented. It will be a timed challenge tournament. Baroness's enrich the Kingdom with their Grace so we will be offering them certain privileges on the field. Landed Baroness' enjoy the safety of their land so cannot be legged. Non Landed Baroness' can only be legged by Landed Baroness'. Any champions will be required at all time to carry their Baroness' banner in their offhand, which will not be used as a parrying device. If a Champion receives a wound to their weapon hand the Champion will yield the bout. 

Warlord (Heavy) Tournament

Classes:- Mistress Nicolette (auntienicATgmailDOTcom) will be managing the presenters and scheduling of classes for the Heavy, Rapier and A&S streams. It's been the normal practice for A&S classes to run on both Saturday and Sunday, unlike the rapier and heavy streams which normally just run on the Saturday.

Request for Presenters:-  GSG is open to all those wishing to share their knowledge. The success of any GSG is based largely on those willing to share their particular area of interest and fresh presenters are more then welcome. So far His Grace Duke Sir Cornelius and Don Aylwin have offered to present.  If you would like to present a class at GSG please contact
Mistress Nicolette and let her know the particulars of your session. For example, time required, if it's a general topic requiring no prior experience or if it a class only suitable for a beginner or advanced student/combatant, materials required to attend that session or if materials will be supplied at a small additional cost etc.

Dates:- Site opens at 4pm on the Friday the 28th September 2012 (soup kitchen will be provided) and closes at noon on the 1st October 2012.

Costs:- Camping with catering -  $100 Adult Members and $110 NonMembers
            Cabin with catering  - $125 members and $135 Non Memebrs.
            Children 12 or younger please discount costs by $20.

A booking form will be made available on the GSG Website asap. If you would like to book in advance of that time, please contact the Event Steward for a booking form.

New players who have not attended an SCA event before will be allowed members pricing. For day tripper rates with or without catering please contact the event steward.

Venue:- Clifford Park Activity Centre, 7 Clifford Dr  Wonga Park VIC (Melway 24 J6)

Catering Steward:- Lady Arganhell merch Briauc.  If you have any special catering requirements please contact the catering steward (suz01ATsolarflarecreationsDOTcom.au)

Event Steward:- Don Everard Sefar. For further information or to obtain an early booking form, contact Everard on everardsefarATgmailDOTcom