West Kingdom Duke Proposes Sweeping Changes to SCA Membership

Duke Frederick of Holland proposes that the SCA should radically revise its notion of what constitutes "membership" in the organization. While SCAtoday.net takes no editorial position with regard to the proposal, we offer Duke Frederick's letter in its entirety for the sake of open and free civil discourse. Gentle people of the Known World --

I am Frederick of Holland; some of you may know me. I have been active in the SCA since its beginnings. I have put forth on a web site for all to see, a proposal to change the way the SCA is funded and the way "membership" is determined. It does other things too.

Why have I done this?

I have for some time been upset by the increasing divisiveness of "membership" as it is currently constituted in the SCA. The loss of the cohesive feeling of the SCA, hurts me a great deal.

I find the idea that we invite a newcomer to an event and charge them extra to be repugnant. I find the idea that work contributions are not worthy of consideration to be repugnant.

I believe that every single person in the SCA should work to make the SCA a better place. High and low, rich and poor alike.

I have felt for a very long time that the financial operations of the Board of Directors and the Corporate Office are out of control.

I wanted to DO something to try to bring back the openness and welcomming attitude of the original SCA.

Since I do not believe in just standing around and bitching, I have come up with a proposal to solve what I perceive as problems. I had help. I had friends and the Grand Council of the SCA work it over. It is still in the polishing stages -- think of this as a "beta test."

The proposal is called the Participation Membership Proposal (PMP). The short summary is:

  • All participants at SCA events or activities are defined as members.
  • The SCA, Inc. is funded by a franchise fee paid from event revenues. Subscriptions to newsletters, TI and CA are separated from membership. Anyone can subscribe. In addition, all operations of the newsletters are given to the Kingdoms.
  • Since the SCA office will not be needed to process memberships it can be reduced to a much less expensive minimum operation. That minimum office, plus insurance and SCA Officer overhead is what will be financed by the franchise fees.

There is a lot more to it than that. Rather than take up a lot of space here, I point you to the PMP webpage:


Please go there and visit. Download the pages if you wish, and print them for your friends who are not web-enabled. Talk about it amongst yourselves. If you think you see a problem, write to me. The proposal will not be totally complete until the end of December when it will be submitted to the Board for (I hope) consideration at their January Meeting.

This is an initiative proposal to the Board of Directors. It does not come from them in the form they want, asking for our comment -- I am sending it *to* them, in its developed form, I hope with the support of the membership of the SCA. I am asking you to contribute your comments, NOW. I am asking you to write the Board, NOW. I am asking you to support a new thing, not just this proposal, but the way in which it is being put forward. I think that a lot of the people of the SCA are ready for substantial positive change. I think that this proposal supports the necessary parts of a covering Corporation while reducing its intrusiveness into the lives of SCA folk.

Thank you for your attention.
Frederick of Holland, MSCA, OP, OL, Duke

Editor's Note: The publisher and editorial staff of SCAtoday.net take no position in favor of, nor against, this proposal. Since the proposal is made in various open forums, SCAtoday.net believes our readers are best served by mentioning it as a newsworthy item, as we would do with any other news. Comments and opinions about this proposal should be directed to its author, as he explains within the text of the proposal itself. This proposal letter is reprinted with permission of the author.