Announces Changes in Editorial Roles

Effective today, is re-titling two of our senior staff members to better reflect their evolving roles in managing the site.

THL Milica of Varna, who has contributed over 60% of's stories to date and is the most active editor of reader contributions, is promoted from Managing News Editor to Editor-In-Chief.

THL Heirusalem Crystoma, who has been extremely valuable to us in navigating the treacherous waters of copyright, libel, marketing, and public relations, is moving laterally to the role of Editorial Consultant.

Both of these ladies' contributions to are extensive, and each of them contributes in a way that very few others could do. The new titles do not reflect a change in what they will be doing for the site, but rather are an adjustment of the formal titles to match the work that they have already been doing in reality.

When we started, we envisioned the role of Editor-In-Chief as being more of an oversight, managerial job, and we didn't even realize we would need anyone in a consulting role. When I originated the idea for the site, Milica, bless her heart, said she would "help out." Neither of us imagined just how active she would become in the editorial role. Heirusalem volunteered simply to help get the word out about among her friends in the SCA, and to help us recruit contributing Reporters. Like Milica, Heirusalem's role has expanded well beyond those original modest expectations. The new titles more accurately reflect the specific type of work that each of these fine ladies is contributing to

Affected staff email addresses at are being modified as follows:
will go to Milica (was Heirusalem)
will continue to go to Milica for now, but may be redirected later if we recruit another Managing News Editor to assist Milica
will go to Heirusalem (new address)

As Publisher, I thank both Heirusalem and Milica for their dedication, and wish them luck in their new jobs!

Maistor Iustinos Tekton called Justin