Vivant to Paul and Aryanhwy, heirs of Drachenwald at spring crown tourney, AS 46

This past month saw the succession of the kingdom of Drachenwald assured, with the tournament held in the incipient shire of Deepdene under Wychwood (outside Manchester, England).

On a blustery morning in late March, Their Majesties Sven and Siobhan presided over a tournament with the following entrants:

  • Viscount William of Richwood fighting for the honour of Lady Isabetta del Verde
  • Lord Johannes of Uffeynton fighting for the honour of Viscountess Susannah of york
  • Master Cernac the Inspired fighting for the honour of Chiudka
  • Viscount Robert of Canterbury fighting for the honour of Viscountess Genevieve la Flechiere
  • Master Paul de Gorey fighting for the honour of Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael
  • Lord Richard the Rampant fighting for the honour of Lady Lena the Red
  • Lord Duncan Forbes fighting for the honour of Lady Eibhlin Ni Ghallchobair
  • Lord Freiman the minstrel fighting for the honour of Lady Esmeralda
  • Lord Heinrich vom Hohen Ufer fighting for the honour of Lady Johanna von Steinwedel

As is traditional in Drachenwald crowns, the tourney was a round robin format, with best of three bouts for individual rounds, and a best of five for the finals.

The tourney was unusual in that no entrant was a member of the order of chivalry; and whoever won the tournament would be new to the throne of Drachenwald.

The processional featured a bold claim by one set of entrants. Master Paul de Gorey and HLady Aryanhwy were announced by their herald, Thomas Flamanc, armoured and armed, announced them as follows:

Please forgive our war like appearance but these are uncertain times.

The succession to your thrones is unclear and in that clarity and certainty lies much of the stability of the kingdom.

Many stand before you and ask your judgement on their claims as your heirs, and they can be forgiven because the law can be interpreted but we attest to the superior claim under law and demand our rights in this regard.

Should summary judgement not be forthcoming then, for the benefit of the kingdom and to prevent inevitable conflict, we will submit to trial by combat judicial to settle the matter and by this device return the kingdom to the peace and tranquillity we hold so dear, as your heirs, given our inevitable victory such is the strength of our cause and veracity of our claims.

HLady Aryanhwy carried her baby daughter in her arms, as demonstration of the security of the realm in the form of a healthy heir.

Subsequently Master Paul won all the rounds of the tournament; and he and Viscount William of Richwood fought a closely-matched final, including one double-kill refought, with Paul emerging as winner.

Their Majesties recognised Paul and Aryanhwy as victors on the field, by grace of their noble opponents, and they were crowned that afternoon at court.

House Brighthelm, of which Master Paul has long been a part, claimed his squire’s belt, on behalf of his knight Sir Johan Berndt, Viscount Nordmark, to hold until such time as Paul might again consider individual fealty.

HLady Aryanhwy, Sans repose herald extraordinary, holds the service and arts awards of Drachenwald, and serves as kingdom Signet. She also bears honours from the lands of Meridies, for many years of service as a consulting herald, and the Cross of Lochac for her contribution to those lands, when she visited as Pelican Herald in AS 44. She lives in Polderslot (the Netherlands).

Master Paul de Gorey was made a companion of the Laurel in AS 31 for expertise in cooking, dance and armouring, and is member of the esteemed Order of the Silver Guard, Drachenwald’s martial award. He is known, and loved across Drachenwald for his cheery demeanour. He lives in West Dragonshire (southern England).

Despite the threat of war, always on the horizon during summer reigns, the people of Drachenwald look forward to a reign full of dancing and good beer.

Their Royal Highnesses will be crowned at a four-day event in the barony of Arnimetsa (Finland) in mid-June.