Coronation Ordo of Kenric & Avelina, King & Queen of the East

The Coronation of TRM Kenric and Avelina, King and Queen of the East, was held on April 14, AS 46 (2012). The ceremony was an experiment in presenting as authentic a coronation as could be managed within the restraints of SCA rules and customs. The service used at the coronation of King Aethelread II in 978 was followed as closely as possible. Their Majesties swore their Promissio (oath) upon a reliquary of soil from the lists of the First Tournament, in the possession of the Kingdom but never before used in this way. They were anointed with water "from the Bay of the Mists, whereat the world was born", sent as a state gift from TSH Ajax and Uta, Prince and Princess of the Mists. A new secular Latin hymn was composed, to replace the specified Te Deum, and the Roll of Kings and Queens was sung as a responsory in Latinized form.

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