[DRA] Fight and Food Festival

Depedene under Wychwood would like to invite you to a festival of food and fighting, consisting of war practice for both heavy and light in preparation for Raglan and a meeting of minds, ingredients and skills on behalf of the cooks.

In sunny July in the middle of Cheshire we intend to grease the pans, oil up the armour and let rip with both in order to improve skills in all fields. We hope to have classes on various forms of cookery, including period camp cookery. There will also be plenty of space for other A&S activities in the main hall.

All are welcome!

We are asking the experienced war fighters to teach, If you feel you want to share your particular skill please contact the Autocrat and Marshal in charge. We will also be doing authorisations so if you wish to add to your prowess please mail the MOL ahead of time so we can ensure we have marshals and weapons available.

About the Site

Developed from a dairy farm, Linnet Clough is an all year round Scout activity centre and camp site with facilities for a multitude of outdoor activities. It is situated on the Derbyshire and Cheshire border, close to the towns of Marple and Stockport. Manchester is 12 miles away with a direct train service from Marple. Linnet Clough Scout camp, Gibb Lane, Mellor, Cheshire, SK6 5NB (This is the same site we used for Crown tournament)

 The site will be open from 18:00 on the 20th and close at 14:00 on the 22nd.

Full event: 35 pounds per person
Day trip, no feast: 20 pounds
Day trip, feast: 26 pounds
Family cap: 70 pounds
Under 12's: free
Use of a Sleeping Bag for the event: 5 pounds

Booking and Details Site https://sites.google.com/site/depedeneunderwychwood/home/events

40 beds are available, plus camping on the field that comes with the building. Please bring your own bedding. The site also request that you have shoes for indoors only.

Please make cheques payable to: Depedene SCA Shire. You can use the form below to reserve.

Reservation Steward: Lena the Red (lena(at)brighthelm(dot)org)
Event autocrat : Christian Trenchard (ormsweird(at)gmail(dot)com)
Marshal in Charge:  Clancy Fairchild (clancyanddeb(dot)fairchild(at)sky(dot)com)