[ART] Arabian Nights

And so it was written in the words of the Sage that in the far southern lands a marvelous event should occur. There by the river, which the Franks call Caerth, would appear the marvelous city of Amhar. It's walls formed of wind, it's towers of sand and sun.

Long ago a spiteful Djinni drove the city beneath the sands of the Southern lands to only emerge once a year as the star Alderbran begins to set in the heavens. For three short days will the city of Amhar stay above the sands. It's gates stand open to all. It's treasures await those brave enough to traverse it's wonders.

I, Abdul al-Havier, guardian of the secrets of Amhar invite you to the join me in the Riding of Redbridge on the 11th - 13th of May as we raise the city of Amhar from the sands. A city will need citizens and we call all fighters, dancers, archers, artisans, and nobles to fill it's empty streets. Perhaps with your help we can break the Djinni's curse and return Amhar to the world of the living.

The three Days in Amhar will include:

  • Heavy Fighting to scare the Djinni with our might and prowess
  • Archery to drive the Djinni from the skies
  • Rapier Fighting to dazzle and confuse the Djinni
  • A Chess Tournament to show the City of Amhar is wise
  • Arts and Science Classes and Competition to show the City of Amhar is skilled.
  • Children's Activities to show the City of Amhar will continue.
  • And Dancing to show that the City of Amhar is full of life.

But the Djinni is crafty and his servants and spies are among us. It is possible that the servants of the Djinni may win the day and Ahmar will sink beneath the sands once again. Will you fight for Ahmar or betray it to the Djinni.

Each attendee will get to choose whether they are on the Djinni's side or the City of Ahmar's side. Victories in battle, tournament, or competition, as well as as service, scavenger hunt activities, and children's activities will all grant points which the participant can give to either the City or the Djinni. The side with the most points will be declared the winner and the fate of the City will be decided.

Site Fee:
$15 adult members, $10 children 6-15, children under 6 free.
Family cap $45. Day Trip $10 All applicable nonmember surcharges apply.

To get to Arabian Nights:
Travel to Moab, Utah. On Main Street turn right (west) on to Kane Creek Blvd (Between McDonalds and Burger King) and follow the road 4 miles to Kane Springs Campground which will be on the right side of the road.

Things to Know:

  • Water is available on-site. Drink plenty of it. This is the desert
  • Showers are available at the main campground for $5
  • Fires should be built in above ground fire-pits some fire wood is available for sale
  • The site is discretely damp please consume responsibly.

Event Steward:
Abdul al-Havier